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About Us

Style should be effortless, just like your personality. It is something that ought to be owned rather than worn. And WE bring to you the style that you need to own, you adore and you cherish.


The Tee Shop is a fresh and vibrant brand showcased exclusively at our online store, www.theteeshop.in; which gives you the access to luxurious casuals at the flick of your fingertips which is shipped straight to your doorstep. We aim to stay on top of the latest trends in order to provide our customers with the best that the fashion world has to offer. We understand our style-savy customer better than anyone else and we are devoted to selling the most fashionable and glamorous apparels.


We know that the key to our success is to make you happy which is why we focus on delivering a simple to use yet high end shopping experience, whilst offering the fashion you want. Our concept of fashion is unpretentious with focus on practicality and comfort. Plus, we believe in affordable luxury without compromising high end quality and hence offer you affordable fashion that is delivered to your doorstep.


Unlike most online retailers we do more than just sell clothes. We help you make a difference to the society by large. The Tee Shop is not just into trendy apparel but also a socially conscious shopping experience. We give you a chance to bring a smile to someone’s face by doing something you love the most—shopping! Isn’t it great that when you shop for stylish apparel online you also help the less privileged? Not only have we assured that people involved in production were paid fair wage and had a safe work environment, we also donate portion of our profit to Aashi Foundation, a registered non – profit organization dedicated to bringing education, healthcare and self-sufficiency to unprivileged communities across India in order to improve the quality of life and help them create and sustain a better future.


‘Shop for a cause’ is a part of our effort to introduce shoppers to products that are associated to a social cause.  All the products in this section are handmade by the underprivileged young women coming from various slums to our Shakti Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Shakti Center is an initiative by Aashi Foundation, to inform, inspire and empower young women by various Education, Awareness and Vocational Training programs. The object behind this initiative is to make these young women self-assured, self-sufficient and educated enough to make right decisions for her families. Products here are not only handmade with love by these young girls, but also 100% of the net proceeds will go towards these girls higher education or vocational training.

The Tee Shop gives you much more out of the money you spend as you shop on our website. Shopping with us is all about discovery, an eclectic and playful journey which allows you to express your individuality through socially conscious shopping experience.



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